How to fix your B2B and B2G meetings

How to fix your B2B and B2G Meetings

The platform to fix B2B and B2G appointments opens on October 10th.

To access the platform you need to:

  • Be a confirmed participant
    (you need to have completed your registration form and paid your registration fee)
  • Have completed your profile during the registration process.
    If you have been registered by the secretariat (Speakers, Panellists, Moderators and Partners) you should have received an e-mail with your credentials. Using them and following the instruction below you can complete your profile.
    In case you have not received or lost your credentials, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat to have them sent again:
  • Have provided consent to have the provided business data published on the B2B and B2G web platform.


How to fix you B2B and B2G meetings:

STEP 1: enter your credentials as registered participants or register to the conference at:

Picture 1: if you are an already registered participants enter your credentials:

Or (Picture 2) start your registration process:

STEP 2: Make sure to complete your business profile and to accept to have your business information published on the B2B and B2G web platform.

STEP 3: click on the “B2B & B&G” button

STEP 4: Use the following filter to search for the Company / Institution / Organisation you would like to target.

STEP 5: When the filter is applied you select a participant of your interest from the filtered list of participants. Then click on the button “request appointment”STEP 4: Use the following filter to search for the Company / Institution / Organisation you would like to target.

Note: only participants fulfilling the condition defined at the beginning (paid registration, business profile completed and authorisation to publication confirmed) will be listed. The list of participants you may meet could be not complete waiting for registration payment and / or complete information. The list of participants will be updated in real time during the last weeks preceeding the Su-Meeting so have more participants will surely appear while approaching the Su-Meet dates.

STEP 6: Select time and table. You will be able to choose only available slots. Write your message with the reasons of the appointment request.
Then click on the button “Send Request”

Note: appointments are set for 20 minute duration. If you need more time (for example to discuss a MoU) please ask the same target participant 2 appointments one after the other.

STEP 7: The targeted participant will receive an e-mail with your message, the time and the table.

In the received e- mail, to accept an appointment pleas click on , V

to refuse it click on X

When the appointment is accepted or refused the person requiring it receive an E-mail of confirmation / refusal:

And the on-line agenda present in the Web Platform fro B2B and B2G will be updated.

After acceptation, if you need to cancel or change a meeting time please contact the secretariat

STEP 8: Print your agenda
Before leaving for the Su-Meet you can print your own agenda and / or save the appointments on your outlook calendar.

On site the secretariat will have a copy too.

NOTE: It would be possible to fix B2B and B2G meetings using the webtool on your Pc or you mobile device up to November 14th, 16h00.