Summit objectives

FEMOZA will continue pursuing its main goal that is to maintain leadership as the unique, neutral and non-profit organisation, working to assist Free & Special Economic Zones to develop globally.

  • To respond to concerns, give answers and bridge gaps in knowledge of Free Zone know-how and development
  • To assure Countries, Governments, Delegates, Sponsors and Hosts can fulfil their policy objectives and economic expectations

For Partners and Sponsors, FEMOZA offers a dynamic ongoing objective, – for over 8 months during preparation and run-up to the event – there will be global professional diffusion to 225 countries:

  • To Brand their organisation Internationally
  • To be enabled to host Premiers, Diplomats, CEOs, Public and Private International Institutions, Multinational companies. Managers, etc.
  • To attract an effective range of potential partners and investors.
  • To present their projects through a Speaker’s slot to a highly qualified audience

In the position of Sponsors, to invite their own regional and international customers as special guests to attend the Summit.

For Delegates attending, the Summit will mean sourcing business and connecting with the main institutions and companies from Geneva, Europe and the World.

  • As a key economic topic, Free & Special Economic zones stimulate the attention of business actors, presented by recognized international authorities.
  • To meet or identify existing or potential strategic partners.
  • To exchange Know-How and to observe experience about :
    • New Technologies within the global economy
    • Win-Win experiences that reward both Zones and their investors
    • Tax and Incentive models applied to Free Zones Regime
    • Trade, Finance, Outsourcing and other services within Free Zones.
    • Examples of Best Practice that can improve a Zone’s own project.